Living at The Gateway Village provides a relaxed, carefree lifestyle with the focus on community. Each residential condo has it’s own individual charm suitable for any taste in décor. With a host of amenities* and the convenience of dining, shopping, and professional services within walking distance, The Gateway Village offers stylish living tailored to professionals and empty nesters.

The Gateway Village Open House - Sip n' Stroll - December 9th

Sip 'n Stroll Open House at The Gateway Village

December 9th 10am-3pm

Sip cocoa while touring The Gateway Village luxury condos and lofts.  Christmas Shop at our Village Shops. Have lunch at one of our Village Eateries. Caroling by The Siegel Singers begins at 1pm.  

Reserve your tour and receive a The Gateway Village bag to use while shopping!  Good while supplies last.  Call 615.494.0000.

sip n stroll 75

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East Meets West at Coffee Fusion - Now Open!

East Meets West at Coffee Fusion - Now Open!

As you drive by Coffee Fusion on Thompson Lane in the Gateway Village, make sure you stop and try the unique flavors. This is not your typical coffee shop!

What makes this coffee shop so different is the blend of western breakfast foods and sandwiches, with Asian delicacies. If you want to try just one of their uncommon treats, make it the Lotus Cookie. Shaped like the flower from which it gets its name, the cookie tastes like a sweet and slightly salty won ton.  Other Asian items include the steamed pork dumpling, assorted sandwiches, Thai tea, Bubble tea, Vietnamese iced coffee and Lao iced coffee. 

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Sport-Ortho Urgent Care Now Open at The Gateway Village

Sport-Ortho Urgent Care Now Open at The Gateway Village

Every family has had an orthopedic injury requiring immediate attention.  Additionally, all families have experienced the urgency of the moment with the frustration of the time and cost of going to an emergency room.  This was the impetus for the formation of the Sport-Ortho Urgent Care centers.  These urgent cares treat only musculoskeletal, orthopedic and sports injuries utilizing orthopedic specialists.  The correct diagnosis can be made on the first visit with proper splinting and treatment recommendations.  Services are provided at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit with additional savings in time avoiding lost work and school days.  

Since deductibles have risen to an average in excess of $5,000 per family, the American College of Emergency Physicians has shown that 70% of families have skipped or delayed treatment because of these costs.  When the initial opportunity to treat an injury is lost, often additional procedures and much greater expense is suffered.  The ultimate savings of these direct and indirect costs can save families significant financial hardship. 


There are multiple locations including our newest in Murfreesboro at Gateway Village, 820 North Thompson Lane Suite 1H.  Please contact us at 615-553-5000 or go to our website at  “When your injury can’t wait” go to a Sport-Ortho Urgent Care for an orthopedic specialist.  This will avoid costly ER visits and additional future potentially damaging consequences of delaying that initial window of opportunity.

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LifeLine Smartphone & Tablet Repair Opens at The Gateway Village

LifeLine Smartphone & Tablet Repair Opens at The Gateway Village

 LifeLine Smartphone & Tablet Repair, a mobile technology repair service store, has opened its newest location in The Gateway Village at 804 North Thompson Lane, Suite 1-E in Murfreesboro.  The store’s phone number is (615) 546-4579.   

 LifeLine Repairs offers the highest quality services and products, with particular expertise in Apple devices.  LifeLine performs a range of repairs for mobile devices, including screen repair, replacing defective charging ports, speakers and cameras as well as water damage recovery.  For PCs and Mac computers, LifeLine performs a range of hardware and software repairs.   

 The Murfreesboro LifeLine is an independent franchise owned and operated by Commodore Tech LLC of Nashville.  Paul Huffman, Managing Member of Commodore Tech LLC, noted, “We are excited to be opening the Murfreesboro location, our second LifeLine store.  Mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become everyone’s “lifeline” to their personal and business activities.  We understand the urgency required when repairs need to be made.  We only use the highest quality replacement parts and we stand behind our repairs for 120 days.”   

Mr. Huffman continued, “LifeLine also provides a valuable service for local businesses.  Employees in the field with tablets, laptops or business cell phones need a convenient and reliable way to get back to business quickly after an accident.  We work with a number of business, educational and institutional customers to help them manage their devices.  We look forward to doing the same in Murfreesboro.”   

The Murfreesboro LifeLine will be managed by Michael Gilliam.  Mr. Gilliam noted, “I am excited to be back in Murfreesboro.  The community has experienced such rapid growth since I was a student at MTSU several years ago.  The dynamic and growing retail, residential and business community around The Gateway Village is ideal for LifeLine.”   

For more information on products and services provided by LifeLine, please call us at (615) 5464579, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit our website at    

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Treat Me Good Dog Barkery Opening December 5th!

Treat Me Good Dog Barkery Opening December 5th!

Welcome to town, Murfreesboro’s first gourmet pet bakery, Treat Me Good Dog Barkery on December 5, 2015! The bakery will offer a large selection of homemade dog and cat treats along with cakes for special occasions. The bakery is looking to offer a place for dog and cat parents along with lovers of these animals a place to shop for treats that are not only delicious but are also healthier than the pre packaged alternatives. All of their treats are handmade fresh from scratch using wholesome ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen. They do not add any chemical preservatives, additives, sugar, or chocolate to their treats and cakes. A motto of the bakery is “we use only ingredients that we ourselves would put into our mouth!”

b2ap3_thumbnail_11822383_1086950491334221_5822087799655710665_n.pngThe bakery will make all of their products in house to provide the freshest treats around town! The bakery is going to have over 20 different options on any given day. Which will also include treats that are wheat free, gluten free, and grain free for those fur babies with food allergies. The shelf life on the treats range from two weeks to seven weeks depending on the ingredients used and will be marked. The bakery even has alternative treats for those pets with a little extra cushion!! The bakery offers the healthiest option of them all, dehydrated fruit treats!! They stock apples, bananas, pineapples, sweet potatoes, and kiwis and lightly glaze with a honey and cinnamon sauce to make them smell and taste amazing but still very low in calories and an easy way to still be able to spoil your fur babies without expanding the belly bulge!!!

The bakery is also taking orders to celebrate all of your happy, loving, and fun lifetime memories with your dog or cat by providing a place to order PUPcakes, birthday cakes, adoption day cakes, or any occasion cake or pie. Depending on what your pet likes they can bake a cake for them! They can do the more original birthday “cake” options with sweet ingredients and yogurt icing or if your dog is more of a meat eater than they can make a cake more in line with a meatloaf with mashed potato icing!!

The bakery will also offer more products in their store that can compliment any birthday with toys, outfits, party hats, and much more! The store will also stock many of the everyday items you need for your pets. They have also invited many local crafters and artists to bring in their items on consignment to sell in an effort to help promote fellow local people and their products. You will find many one of kind items at Treat Me Good Dog Barkery! So if you are in the neighborhood stop by and see what all the talk is about. Dogs, cats, and their friendly owners are always welcome!!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Juice Bar opening at The Gateway Village

Juice Bar opening at The Gateway Village

b2ap3_thumbnail_12027802_1486848378289627_94501688671080580_n.jpgMurfreesboro's Gateway Village will soon be the home of a brand new I Love Juice Bar. The Juice Bar's natural woods and laid back vibe make it the perfect place to go for a casual business meeting, grab a healthy lunch after a workout, find natural juice treats after class or discover a place that has a variety of goodies safe for those with gluten and other food allergies.

I Love Juice Bar is for the most part vegan and vegetarian. They offer a selection of natural vegetable and fruit juices, as well as organic power bars, super food salads, and spring rolls with a spicy kick. For those wishing to do a juice cleanse without having to go through the hassle of cleaning out the juicer every time you use it, I Love Juice Bar offers a one, two, and three day cleanse option that covers all meals, snacks, and dinner for less than $40 per day. You can't buy a decent juice machine for that.

What makes this company special is that they support local farms and producers as much as possible, and make it a point to be a part of the community. The company's goal is to bring health and happiness to those they serve.

Even before opening, I Love Juice Bar Murfreesboro introduced their juices at the 2015 Learn Grow Connect Conference for Women produced by the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. They were the "hit" of the day. Several conference participants indicated to the Juice Bar Murfreesboro team that the buzz among the women attending was that you had to stop by the Juice Bar table. Conference goers were surprised about at how good the juice tastes.

It was the culture of community involvement and true service to the health of their customers that drew Anthony Anderson to the franchise. After a career working in leadership roles for local, national, and international companies such as General Electric, DELL, and Asurion, Anderson decided it was time to break away from the corporate environment and focus on family, community service, and mentoring.

"As my daughter got closer to graduating from college, I found myself feeling a passion to mentor young adults, provide servant leadership to the community, and lead a healthy and nutritious life," said Anderson.

Last spring while pursuing his passion for a healthy and nutritious life, Anthony visited an I Love Juice Bar location. The recommended smoothie (The DOC) provided a healthy alternative to the meal that he was craving, and it remains one of his favorite items on the menu.

"You can say that it was an instant connection," Anderson adds. "The enthusiasm of the employees and the interaction with the customers made it an overwhelmingly positive experience. I Love Juice Bar was everything that I was looking for, so when the opportunity to open a franchise here in Murfreesboro developed, I took it."

There are currently seven opened/planned I Love Juice Bars in the Nashville area, with the Murfreesboro location being the eighth. The company has other locations throughout Tennessee and in 13 other states. It was founded in 2013 by John and Vui Hunt in Nashville, Tennessee. The company describes themselves as an "I want to eat healthy and feel great" type of place.

I Love Juice Bar Murfreesboro will be located at 804 North Thompson Lane, Suite 1J in the Gateway Village development. I Love Juice Bar is scheduled to open in December.



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"Get Me To The Gateway"

"Get Me To The Gateway"

The metropolitan lifestyle is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The charming suburban city embodies the beauty of the golden ages, while it manages to adapt to the vast growth in population; mostly due to the prosperous job market. Murfreesboro has been labeled one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Making it no surprise why Swanson Development decided to spearhead the first luxury condominium development in Rutherford County.


From loft living to customized penthouses, the Gateway Village at 820 N Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro has plenty to offer. These lavish condos have a handful of amenities, premier location status and elevated security that simply validates their title as Murfreesboro’s premier condo development.

As a resident, I’ve come to find more than a few reasons why the Gateway Village is the perfect place to call home and I want to share them with you.   

Here are my four Gateway Village favorites.


Whether I’m hosting a small dinner party or a large business mixer, the veranda is the ideal location. Free of charge for residents – the veranda sits on the fourth floor with an immeasurable view of the city. While the sun sets on the front of the building, this hidden treasure is the perfect afternoon location for you and your guests to enjoy.



The maintenance free and pet friendly elements are perfect for families, singles and retirees alike.

From the soft sounds of jazz that play throughout the grounds, to getting to know all of your neighbors during your morning ride down the elevator- the charm cannot be matched. Ultimately creating a elegant lifestyle for you and your guests.



Offering a private gym, fully equipped business room and screening room. The main building has plenty to offer. However, the amenities don’t stop there. A few steps away residents are offered a pet station, access to the Saint Thomas Rutherford walking trail and a plethora of food trucks each Friday! The Gateway Village makes living in the building so fun, it’s hard to leave.


In real estate it’s all about location and the bonus of the Gateways location is the breathtaking sunsets. Every afternoon (weather permitting of course) my living room is transformed with the beautiful colors of the evenings sunset. Although, sunsets are a gift everyone can get, seeing it from above the cityscape is an incomparable site, enjoyed by all residents.

 “There is nothing more pleasant, than coming home.”-KRIS


Written by guest blogger and resident Kristan Roberts.  Visit her blog at "My Elegant Life"

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Ribbon Cutting and Open House - Arizons - May 1, 2015 11:00


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Food Trucks at The Gateway Village - Spring 2015


Printable Version:  food-truck-unplug-2015.pdf 

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Can there really be Storage and Space in a One Bedroom?

Can there really be Storage and Space in a One Bedroom?

The answer is YES! 

Thinking about moving to a one bedroom condo and worried about space? Don't be!  Our one bedrooms are all about space!  Cooking utensils, office supplies and walk in closets with space for both seasons of clothing. Plenty of towel space in your bath and hamper storage. A storage area on the balcony and in the garage in front of your designated parking space.   Here are a few examples.  

Come take a tour and we can show you how to organize your items in our spacious one bedroom condo.

Make a lifestyle change in 2015! 


    b2ap3_thumbnail_4Lwebbath.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_7Q1A7579web.jpg    b2ap3_thumbnail_2013-05-24-10.18.382m.jpg


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Music 'n The Village


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Food Truck Friday - Sept 2014


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Shop. Music. Food. Christmas at The Gateway Village!

Shop. Music. Food.  Christmas at The Gateway Village!

The Gateway Village staff has been hard at work organizing The Christmas Market, a unique holiday shopping event hosting small "pop-up" shops and food trucks. It will be held December 6th from 12pm to 8pm, and 7th from 10am to 8pm. The large retail space in the north building, 836 N. Thompson Lane, will be home to many small businesses where you can purchase items. These shops include Dusty Brown Jewelry, Charmingly Southern, Perfectly Painted Furniture, Imaginary Girl, Stella and Dot,  VIP Magazine, and many more! Also take a look at a beautiful collection of original oil and acrylic artwork available for purchase. Button Bug Photography will be ready to snap that perfect picture for your Christmas cards!   We want you to be able to complete your holiday shopping for the special people in your life while you're here. 

Take a stroll along the storefronts of our south building, as many local non-profit organizations will decorate charming window displays as well!   These will be displayed until Christmas Day! 

Once you have completed your shopping, stop by The Gateway Village office for their open house! Take a tour of our condos and lofts and then grab a bite to eat at one of the food trucks. We will have our regulars like Puckett's Trolley, Miller's Grocery, YaYo's OMGand Delta Bound; but also try a few new ones, like Julia's Bakery, and Slow Hand Coffee. Be sure to look up their menus online and their arrival times on Facebook before hand to get a “taste” of what's to come!

Also, don't forget that we will have live music during evening hours of the weekend from Larry & Gay Pinkerton and the Eclectics, Seth Griffin, and Cali Stoltz.


We invite everyone to bring family and friends to do some shopping, have a nice lunch or dinner or a cup of coffee, and enjoy the festivities! 

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The Freedom of Downsizing

The market is changing. Lifestyles are changing.  More and more we tour couples and singles that are ready to downsize.  Most often because their children are grown and they over the maintenance that comes with a land and house.  Some are giving up 3000 to 5000 square foot homes for a 960-1495 square foot condo. Empty nesters are ready to travel, reconnect with their spouse, and visit friends and family more often.

There are some that walk in and immediately smile and sigh.  They start 'living' the minute they see one of the condos.  They paint the picture by discussing which piece of furniture fits and what they will bring and what they will be ready to sell or give to the kids.  You can feel the excitement in their voice.  We've even seen some tear up.  They are ready for a new chapter.  

Then there are those that are not sure about downsizing.  They are ones that are afraid to let go of anything because they might 'need' it.  It doesn't matter that they have not set foot in the 2 extra bedrooms for over a year. They always think someone might come visit and they will need to have the space.  They dream about making a change..... someday.   Those folks are not ready yet.

As for the rest..... 

We are grilling out, making new friends, walking the Greenway, having an afternoon glass of wine on the veranda, meeting the owners of the small businesses, watching football and movies in the entertainment room, playing golf and tennis at nearby Old Fort Recreation, and shopping.   

Downsizing to a condo in a mix-use development in the middle of Murfreesboro means you are a part of a small community where you can walking to the coffee shop, meet new friends and get to know the businesses owners.  Knowing you can leave and travel for as long as you want and not worry about the maintenance of a large a relief.   

When friends and family visit, they may rent our guest suite if it is available or stay at one of several great hotels located nearby. Visitors enjoy having their own space. Less for you to clean and more time to enjoy your guests.

If you are thinking about downsizing, take a look at a condo lifestyle for your next chapter.



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'Unplug' your Friday this Summer with a Food Truck Lunch

'Unplug' your Friday this Summer with a Food Truck Lunch

Food Trucks are becoming a huge hit and we are glad to have some of our favorite foods come to The Gateway Village.   Kicking off the summer will be Puckett's Trolley on May 31 and will return in June and July.   June consists of Delta Bound, Hoss' Loaded Burgers, Sum Yum Yum. July we will add Biscuit Love to the list of Food Trucks. 

Friday's are great times for a getaways from the office. Bring your employees and business contacts down for an afternoon lunch outside(or in) and 'unplug' from the daily grind.  Meet up with other friends and networking groups for fun in the sun.  You never know who might show up.  Contact The Gateway Village office at 615.494.0000 for information.  Menus and updates can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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Unique and Beautiful Pavers at The Gateway Village

Unique and Beautiful Pavers at The Gateway Village

Have you drove through The Gateway Village and noticed the streets and parking areas?  A unique paver system addresses the Federal Government mandate handed down through EPA to State and local jurisdictions for water quality and quantity management practices.  Basically the system acts as an impurity filtration system for storm water by traveling through 8500 psi pavers, then through two feet of graded aggregate stone and by doing so the storm water is cleaned before it gets to the ground water table.  This system alleviates the continued maintenance on an alternate system of retention or detention ponds and provides for better planning land use.  

Not only is it functional but also beautiful.  The designs used make for a beautiful stroll along the grounds. 


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Delta Bound Southern Comfort Food at The Gateway Village - Friday, April 12, 2013

Delta Bound Southern Comfort Food at The Gateway Village - Friday, April 12, 2013
Have lunch at Delta Bound on Friday, April 12, 2013 from 11am-2pm!  A Nashville Food Truck fav coming to Murfreesboro for the first time and glad to have them at The Gateway Village. 
We will have outdoor seating if weather permits.  You may eat here or take it to go.  Advanced and togo orders may be placed at:
At Delta Bound, we strive to capture the eclectic blend of flavors found in the Deep South. Influences include both Memphis AND Texas-style BBQ, Cajun/ Creole and Soul Food. Fresh ingredients are key, and local whenever possible. Our menu is accented by original sauces & dressings, and we always feature a scratch-made dessert. 
Look for our “Big Red” rig around Nashville & Williamson County, or contact us to cater your next private party or corporate lunch.
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Tangerine Salon and Spa Hosts 2nd Annual United We Style: The Elemental Collection

Tangerine Salon and Spa Hosts 2nd Annual United We Style: The Elemental Collection

Tangerine's second annual fashion show fundraiser benefiting the United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties is set for April 13, 2013 at 6:30 PM located at The Gateway Village 820 N Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro to continue bringing awareness to the needs in the community.

Tangerine Salon and Spa is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon that incorporate its mission to connect beauty, environment and well-being along with Earth Month in this year's event.

Kara Kemp, Salon Coordinator for Tangerine and a founding committee member/Production Director for United We Style, chose this year's theme of United We Style: The Elemental Collection to reflect

“Tangerine wanting to bring a fresh approach to environmental concerns that are often overlooked in the beauty industry. Tangerine is proud to work with AVEDA who strives diligently to utilize sustainable materials and practices in product development. What better way to highlight this fresh approach than to incorporate talented new designers from our region?” This years event will showcase ten designers from MTSU, O'More, TSU and independent designers from the middle Tennessee area.

Each designer will create new collections based upon the natural elements. The show will also feature the latest trends from local legends Trendy Pieces, Bella Boutique and Dillard’s.

The event's VIP Celebrity Cocktail hour will host food provided by Five Senses, mingling with local celebrities, and exclusive vendor booth access. It is a night that holds high anticipation for community camaraderie and energetic fun! Tickets can be purchased in store at Tangerine Salon and Spa, online at by calling 615.893.7303.

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Puckett's Trolley Servin' on March 22, 11-2. Musicians Welcome!

Puckett's Trolley Servin' on March 22, 11-2.  Musicians Welcome!

Puckett’s Trolley will be servin’ up its trademark Southern fare Friday, March 22 atThe Gateway Village, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The food truck eatery—affectionately nicknamed Ms. Trolley Parton by its fans—offers made-to-order bites from its renovated and historic mobile venue.


Puckett’s Trolley is a sister of the Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurants in Franklin, Nashville and Columbia and of Puckett’s Boat House in downtown Franklin. In addition to the cherry wood-smoked pork and chicken that put Puckett’s on the map, the food truck also offers BBQ and grilled chicken nachos, catfish tacos, a brisket chimichanga, fried green beans and more.

Trolley Manager Christen Boyd said that the Trolley’s food all comes with the Puckett’s special stamp, though some of its dishes are signature items.

“What’s unique about the trolley is that we’re able to take our menu directly to the people who may not have the opportunity to dine at Puckett’s that day because of distance,” Boyd said. “The Trolley offers the same quality food that its restaurants do, and it’s a fun way to engage in different communities.”

The food truck will also serve a Redneck Burrito on March 22, an item created specifically for the trolley that received such popularity that it made its way onto the Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant menu.  The dish includes pulled pork, baked beans and Puckett’s famous BBQ sauce ‘n’ slaw, all wrapped in a burrito and grilled.


The menu will also include sweet potato fries, coleslaw, baked beans and fried Oreos, among other items.


For the March 22 event, TheGateway Village is encouraging local musicians to provide a little entertainment to diners during Trolley Parton’s visit. Anyone interested in performing an open-mic session may sign up at the day of the event, or contact Glenda at 615.604.4772.


Businesses and groups may reserve tables of 8 to 10 people by contacting Glenda at 615.604.4772.    


More About Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant

Puckett’s roots go way back to the 1950s, and a little grocery store in the village of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Ever since then, the restaurant has focused on providing its friends new and old with great food and Southern hospitality, in an atmosphere that makes them feel like coming back.


When you get down to it, Puckett’s is a community kitchen, with live pickin’ performances just a few feet from the table. Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant has three locations: historic downtown Franklin, downtown Nashville and on the public square in downtown Columbia.

In 2011, the Marshall family launched Puckett’s Trolley.  The following year, they opened the seafood-focused Puckett’s Boat House in downtown Franklin.




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Ready To Get Healthy and Get Fit? We Are!

Ready To Get Healthy and Get Fit?  We Are!

As lifestyles change so do our fitness needs.  A daily exercise routine is a great way to start or end a day and is essential to our well being.  Working out can also be a place to meet others of like interests and having a workout facility onsite gives our tenants an opportunity to know each other. 


Along with having a workout facility we are excited to have Michael Baes to give our tenants a guide to keeping in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.  


Michael Baes is a full-time wellness coach & nutritional counselor. He has been practicing in his industry for over 12 continuous years and has worked with a myriad of clients all over the world.  He has services ranging from 1-on-1 training sessions, to remote digital coaching, to Skype conferences.  He will be instructing an orientation style workout for all tenants of the Gateway Village.  This will include a basic lifting and cardio routine to be used in the fitness center.  


The Gateway Village offers the perfect fitness area in a relaxing environment. Whether you are building muscle or loosing a few pounds, our facility will help you get a great start to a fit lifestyle. 



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