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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

If you were a child of the 60’s and 70’s you may have seen Mister Rogers Neighborhood on television.  Mister Rogers would enter his home with a warm and friendly jingle that would welcome you and ask you to be his neighbor. As he made his way through the house he would put on his sneakers and sweater.  He began his day relaxed which set the tone.  Most of us begin our day with 2 cups of espresso and a smartphone.  The TV Guide once quoted, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood makes us, young and old alike, feel safe, cared for and valued.... wherever Mister Rogers is, so is sanctuary" 

During the show Mister Rogers would take a walk up the street(without texting) and visit with other businesses and introduce himself to the new neighbors.  He never used a car since everything was located just a few steps away from home.  He would greet those along the way with a smile and was relaxed when visiting.  He would introduce those he met to others and tell about what they do and how they are valued in the community.   Mister Rogers knew how to build relationships with businesses and individuals. 

The Gateway Village is continuously growing and becoming a true neighborhood.  If you are up early enough you will catch some of the tenants walking their dog or working out in our gym.  Some will be arriving home from an overnight shift at one of the nearby hospitals.  All will greet you with warm smiles, and a friendly welcome.  They all love to tell about how much they enjoy their new home and lifestyle.   One even mentioned they felt as if they were always on vacation! 

As a mix-use development, The Gateway Village also includes retail shops and offices.  Businesses located at The Gateway Village are provided many opportunities to get to know each other and meet the tenants.  Having these opportunities paves the way for more growth at The Gateway Village and in Murfreesboro.  Building those long lasting relationships on a professional and individual level is what The Gateway Village is about.    

If you are looking for a new lifestyle, a new location for your office, retail shop or restaurant in 2013, you will want to take a look at The Gateway Village.  With the warmth of great neighbors and the perfect location in Murfreesboro for your business, I have to ask....

Won’t you be my neighbor? 

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