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The Freedom of Downsizing

The market is changing. Lifestyles are changing.  More and more we tour couples and singles that are ready to downsize.  Most often because their children are grown and they over the maintenance that comes with a land and house.  Some are giving up 3000 to 5000 square foot homes for a 960-1495 square foot condo. Empty nesters are ready to travel, reconnect with their spouse, and visit friends and family more often.

There are some that walk in and immediately smile and sigh.  They start 'living' the minute they see one of the condos.  They paint the picture by discussing which piece of furniture fits and what they will bring and what they will be ready to sell or give to the kids.  You can feel the excitement in their voice.  We've even seen some tear up.  They are ready for a new chapter.  

Then there are those that are not sure about downsizing.  They are ones that are afraid to let go of anything because they might 'need' it.  It doesn't matter that they have not set foot in the 2 extra bedrooms for over a year. They always think someone might come visit and they will need to have the space.  They dream about making a change..... someday.   Those folks are not ready yet.

As for the rest..... 

We are grilling out, making new friends, walking the Greenway, having an afternoon glass of wine on the veranda, meeting the owners of the small businesses, watching football and movies in the entertainment room, playing golf and tennis at nearby Old Fort Recreation, and shopping.   

Downsizing to a condo in a mix-use development in the middle of Murfreesboro means you are a part of a small community where you can walking to the coffee shop, meet new friends and get to know the businesses owners.  Knowing you can leave and travel for as long as you want and not worry about the maintenance of a large a relief.   

When friends and family visit, they may rent our guest suite if it is available or stay at one of several great hotels located nearby. Visitors enjoy having their own space. Less for you to clean and more time to enjoy your guests.

If you are thinking about downsizing, take a look at a condo lifestyle for your next chapter.



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