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Treat Me Good Dog Barkery Opening December 5th!

Treat Me Good Dog Barkery Opening December 5th!

Welcome to town, Murfreesboro’s first gourmet pet bakery, Treat Me Good Dog Barkery on December 5, 2015! The bakery will offer a large selection of homemade dog and cat treats along with cakes for special occasions. The bakery is looking to offer a place for dog and cat parents along with lovers of these animals a place to shop for treats that are not only delicious but are also healthier than the pre packaged alternatives. All of their treats are handmade fresh from scratch using wholesome ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen. They do not add any chemical preservatives, additives, sugar, or chocolate to their treats and cakes. A motto of the bakery is “we use only ingredients that we ourselves would put into our mouth!”

b2ap3_thumbnail_11822383_1086950491334221_5822087799655710665_n.pngThe bakery will make all of their products in house to provide the freshest treats around town! The bakery is going to have over 20 different options on any given day. Which will also include treats that are wheat free, gluten free, and grain free for those fur babies with food allergies. The shelf life on the treats range from two weeks to seven weeks depending on the ingredients used and will be marked. The bakery even has alternative treats for those pets with a little extra cushion!! The bakery offers the healthiest option of them all, dehydrated fruit treats!! They stock apples, bananas, pineapples, sweet potatoes, and kiwis and lightly glaze with a honey and cinnamon sauce to make them smell and taste amazing but still very low in calories and an easy way to still be able to spoil your fur babies without expanding the belly bulge!!!

The bakery is also taking orders to celebrate all of your happy, loving, and fun lifetime memories with your dog or cat by providing a place to order PUPcakes, birthday cakes, adoption day cakes, or any occasion cake or pie. Depending on what your pet likes they can bake a cake for them! They can do the more original birthday “cake” options with sweet ingredients and yogurt icing or if your dog is more of a meat eater than they can make a cake more in line with a meatloaf with mashed potato icing!!

The bakery will also offer more products in their store that can compliment any birthday with toys, outfits, party hats, and much more! The store will also stock many of the everyday items you need for your pets. They have also invited many local crafters and artists to bring in their items on consignment to sell in an effort to help promote fellow local people and their products. You will find many one of kind items at Treat Me Good Dog Barkery! So if you are in the neighborhood stop by and see what all the talk is about. Dogs, cats, and their friendly owners are always welcome!!

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