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Runner / Cyclist Showers

 commercial showersBathing facilities are provided for runners and cyclists who work on-site and run or bicycle to work. These facilities are located on the second floor of the north and south wings, each having both men and women’s facilities with storage lockers.

Cyclist Racks

There are 6 bicycle stations located in various locations throughout the development.

Reclaimed Water

All irrigation at The Gateway Village use reclaimed water. Also unique to LEED-certified buildings is that all toilets will operate with this water that is supplied by the city of Murfreesboro, thus saving our potable water resources.

Paver System

2013-05-19 13.57.22Unique to this area of the country, but been in place for years in larger cities are permeable pavers. This system allows rainwater to filter into a greening system using aggregate stone which cleans impurities from the water. Also, Middle Tennessee State University has adopted this development to use as a project for students to study the data collected so that the city may implement on future projects.

Energy Efficiency

The Gateway Village has been designed with the highest level energy efficiency and durability in mind.  High efficiency lighting, controls, mechanical ventilation equipment, windows and roof and wall insulation all work together to contribute to a 14-17% energy savings.