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    The Gateway Village

    Murfreesboro’s premier community. High-end living space near classy business locations.
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The Gateway Village was designed to create a destination for people to live, work, and shop. With retail, restaurants, office, and residential uses it will become a destination location. The development has been designed with a streetscape to promote pedestrians circulation and more specifically with outdoor shopping comforts in mind.

Welcome to The Gateway Village

Amenities Spotlight

  • Reclaimed Water

    All irrigation will use reclaimed water. Also unique to LEED-certified buildings is that all toilets will operate with this water that is supplied by the city of Murfreesboro, thus saving our potable water resources.

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  • Silver LEED

    Early in the planning stages of the Gateway Village, the owners made a commitment to seek registration for the development through the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System.

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  • Secure Access & Security

    The Gateway Village is equipped with state-of-the-art facility cameras in common areas. These cameras are tape-monitored 24 hours a day.

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  • Cyclist Racks

    Along with bathing facilities, The Gateway Village also offers 6 lockable bicycle stations located in various locations throughout the development.

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  • Audio

    Throughout the Gateway Village you will hear your most popular music. Some of the best components available on the market today help establish the atmosphere and mood for a unique relaxed experience.

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  • Structured Wiring

    Implementing the latest technologies for low voltage wiring systems cable, telephone, and security will be homerun to a patented general electric “smart box”

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  • Recycling

    Full service pick-up for residential and commercial units. Paper, plastic, and metal commingled and separated by the best service in Middle Tennessee.

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  • Runner / Cyclist Showers

    A first for Murfreesboro and a part of LEED (Leadership in Energy Environment Design), The Gateway Villages provides bathing facilities for runners and cyclists who work on-site and run or bicycle to work.

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  • Mail Service

    Centrally located and convenient postal service receptacles are provided at strategic locations throughout the development.

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  • Design Guidelines

    The architect, LEED facilitator, and developer have gone to great lengths to establish a standard for design and build outs for all commercial units.

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  • Green Clean

    All common areas are cleaned using environmentally friendly products and systems. This is another element of “being green” and keeping toxins out of our living and working environment.

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  • Energy Efficiency

    The Gateway Village has been designed with the highest level energy efficiency and durability in mind. By exceeding minimum established energy saving criteria of the U. S. Green Building Council’s LEED Core & Shell program,

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